What time does the Premier League season begin?

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Euro 2020 is over. Now, the focus shifts to the Premier League season.

The training room is full of new players and signings. This week, clubs start pre-season fixtures. OkSport answers crucial questions before the campaign start for 2021-22.

When does the season end?

The new campaign kicks off Friday 13 August when Arsenal takes on Brentford. Other notable matches in this round include Manchester United playing Leeds, promoted Norwich against Liverpool, and Manchester City's take on Tottenham on Sunday. The final round takes place on Sunday, 22 mai 2022. All fixtures start simultaneously.

What are the start-up times for your program?

The timing of kick-off in England's top flights has been adjusted since the outbreak of coronavirus. This will soon become normal. Friday games start at 20:00 BST. Saturday fixtures begin at 12:30, 15:00, and 17:30. Sunday kickoff time is between 14:00-16:30. Midweek games are at 19:45, 20:00.

Are stadiums available for fans?

Fans were allowed onto the grounds to witness their favorite team's final game. Up to 10,000 people attended, which is less than half the stadium's capacity. The UK government has announced that England's restrictions would be lifted on the 19th of July. Premier League officials said that they want "full stadiums ready" for the 2021-22 football season. Boris Johnson (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) stated that they would "remove every legal limitation" on indoor or outdoor meetings and sports events.

Are there any restrictions on Covid use?

To be eligible for the Euro 2020 matches or Wimbledon tennis match, spectators must present proof of double vaccine. The Premier League will decide if such measures will be taken. The spectators might be required to wear masks before they can enter the ground.

Do you think there need to be any rule changes made?

Handball is the most significant rule modification in the new season. International Football Association Board has stated that not all contact between your hand/arm and the ball is considered an offense. This means that accidental handball during the construction of goals is no longer an offense. However, a goal may still be ruled invalid if it's scored immediately or created by accidental handball.

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