Lion City Sailors show promise in Kim's first game but Albirex still the team to beat

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After Jin Do-hoon (the coach of last year's AFC Champions League) was announced as their new coach in May, the Lions City Mariners waited more than two years to welcome him to their dugout.

With the Mariners restarting their Singapore Premier League on Friday night after the most recent international game day, Kim's coaching debut offers a lot of hope, even if it may not achieve the result they hoped for. Kim's bow to defending champion Albirex Niigata (S) is impossible, but it also represents an opportunity to make a true statement. In the end, it was a tie at Jurong East Stadium, which was a classic two-half match.This is a wonderful live football tv hd Albi Rex dominated the first half as they took a well-deserved lead before Taniguchi scored a penalty kick, but the Lions-inspired by the introduction of midfielder Diego Lopez- -Come to the fore in the 45th of the second quarter and win a trophy through Stip Prazibart's 70th minute equalizer. Last season there were still some of the same issues that prevented the Mariners from truly challenging the title. Sometimes, they get possession of the ball in a vulnerable area of ​​the court, putting themselves in a difficult position, and they need the always reliable Hassan Sunny to help them a few times. Despite these moments, the Lion City as a whole worked well and showed a lot of adventures, but it did not seem to take too much risk. In the final stage of the game, they moved forward, but it looked like they would be hit by Albirex to counterattack, only because the threat was quickly strangled by the recovering Faris Ramli, usually known for his offensive ability, but his The speed and determination of the work at that moment will make Jin Da happy. Although the Mariners’ performance has many positive aspects, it’s worth noting that there are four foreign imports and seven Singaporeans in their match day lineup. Although Albirex is still regarded as the satellite of the Japanese J2 League club, most of its players are under the age of 23. This is not an excavation of the Lion City. This proves that Albirex continues to introduce new talents year after year, and these talents are enough to make incredible achievements in the four games that Singapore has won in the past five league games. The White Swans lead the Mariners by one point at the SPL Summit. However, they proved that they are still a team that can be beaten. If King continues to improve his talented employees, the Lion City can still be considered a contender for the championship.

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