Fantasy Football Handbook: How to plan and play like an expert

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August is almost here, and for many people, it just means that the summer is coming to an end and the "back to school" is coming. But for you and me, this means that the core of the fantasy football draft season has arrived. This article can help you thoroughly understand the fantasy landscape and provide some information that will not only allow you to make the best decision on draft day but also make the best decision before the first week and in the weeks of the season. Although the focus will be mainly on average-sized single-season leagues, I have not forgotten those of you who are in unique leagues like me, including Dynasty, Goalkeeper, Superflex, and IDP. This article does not focus on data, numbers, and charts, but a strategy article for beginners and advanced players to show you how I can apply all the knowledge I learned during the research offseason. Please be patient, I will introduce as much basic knowledge as possible in a relatively short time.

2021 fantasy football draft status

Our quest to determine the perfect fantasy football strategy continues to evolve, but in the final analysis, finding a high-quality RB selection is still the most important goal. However, how exactly do you find these quality options is still the biggest difficulty in this industry because some people will tell you to load them as soon as possible, while others think that some form of "zero RB" strategy is your ticket to a fantasy championship. If you are not familiar, zero RB is an anti-fragile draft concept, at least not choosing any running backs before the mid-draft, but loading wide receivers (and possibly elite TE) rounds in the first few stages. What do i think? I think it depends on who you draft with and how well your draft is going. This is a bit evasive, but it also fits with my general drafting strategy. I never (well, rarely) allow prejudice, emotion, or need to prevent me from maximizing value. An example of this is that my team participated in the eighth annual MFL10 of the death draft, and the team withdrew in late May. I know that I am drafting with some of the smartest people in the industry, and I also know that many of them are training on "zero RB", which definitely means that there will be more wide receivers in the first few rounds. This earned me Alvin Kamara at No. 5, Nick Chubb at No. 20, D'Andre Swift at No. 29, Josh Jacobs at No. 53, and Leonard Fournette at No. 125 (the top four are all in the top four) in). Was selected in five rounds). At the time, I chose all five guards (a little later than their estimated ADP), so although I was one step behind in WR (Adam Thielen and JuJu Smith-Schuster were still a good punch or two), I was There are considerable advantages on RB, and there should be a weekly advantage in terms of flexibility. Will it work? We will wait and see, but I am heading in a similar direction in 2020 (four RBs in the first seven rounds) and preparing for the first of a few less humble Braggs-I won the championship. Okay, so it covers a coalition of 11 people (or maybe 10 people-Shawn Siegele, who promotes "zero RB", maybe a robot). They think about fantasy football all year round, but what is the more casual league? ADP said that the recent influx of young talents into this position means that the league will attach great importance to RB in the first few rounds. The most recent best ball ADP shows that RB has 14 of the top 19 picks and 16 of the top 26. In a league with an average of 12 teams, running backs spend 50% of the first four rounds. So the question is, do you follow the example of the beginning of the season to optimize the RB situation, or turn to elite WR and close-end Travis Kelce? It depends to some extent on your position in the first round of the draft, but the best way to maximize the entire lineup is a combination of the two. If you have the first overall pick, the correct answer is to grab Christian McCaffrey. If you have one of the following options, then it makes sense to choose superstar guards like Darwin Cook, Alvin Camara, Derek Henry, and Sakun Barkley, even though you can play creatively at this point. Force and choose Kells (we will introduce TE's scenery in detail later). Jonathan Taylor and Ezekiel Elliott are also good choices for the middle round. Here, it makes sense for WR to play with Tyreek Hill or Davante Adams. Bottom line: In an ideal world, I would get at least one star RB in advance (or two if the value exists), and then actively attack the receiver position while monitoring the near end. Due to lack of space, please download the oksports mobile terminal and continue to watch