EFL reiterates its support for staff and players taking a knee in the lead up to the new season

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The English Football League (EFL), has offered its support to any player, staff member, or volunteer who wants to kneel before games this season.

The EFL released a statement Tuesday saying it was "reaffirming its support to those who wish to take a knee" and that the gesture was a "simple act against racism and inequality". This weekend's Championship, League One, and League Two seasons start with Bournemouth hosting West Brom, live on Ok Sports. The EFL statement stated that: "Ahead of the weekend's first round of league fixtures the EFL is reaffirming their support to any player(s), and staff who wish take the knee during 2021/22 season. "For more than a year, players made the conscious decision to protest racism and inequality. This simple act helps shine a spotlight on these issues and continues a conversation that has been heard around the globe. The impact of football is undeniable. We have seen firsthand the positive impact it has on communities and societies. The league supports players who choose to stand up against discrimination. "Players have stated repeatedly that their protest is not about ideology and political affiliations. We ask that players who wish to express themselves in such a way be respected." On matchdays, the EFL will promote its 'Together Against Discrimination" message. The clubs will adopt a "unified view reiterating the fact that racism, discrimination, and abuse are not tolerated in our game or our communities". After completing "the most in-depth independent research to date on discrimination on football matchdays", the EFL stated that it has made these promises. The public, players, clubs, fans, and other stakeholders were consulted. There was more support for those who took a knee, and there were greater efforts to unite the game in order to combat discrimination where possible. Trevor Birch, chief executive of the EFL, stated that while the EFL takes the problem of racism and discrimination in all forms very seriously, we must continue to do more. "That's why we asked independent research to examine the topic of anti-discrimination at a matchday in order to inform our approach. "We heard players' pleas to get down on their knees, and the EFL supports them. "Both within and outside the EFL, we are committed to working together as we are stronger when all of our work against discrimination. "The message is clear: Prejudice and abuse, whether they are in the streets, at the stadium, or online, has no place in society. The EFL will not tolerate it. "Football can be played by many people. We don't welcome anyone who disagrees with our views on eliminating racism and discrimination.

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