Simone Biles. Kris Boyd says that US Gymnast's actions can aid those suffering from mental disorders

Simone Biles. Kris Boyd

Kris Boyd says Simone Biles' decision not to focus on her mental health and the Olympic medals may be a source of support for those who are in trouble.

Biles was expected to be one of the stars of the Tokyo Olympics for her sporting achievements, but instead served as an inspiration for many when she chose to withdraw from several events to "protect" her mental health. Boyd, whose charity seeks to raise awareness about mental health issues and offer support to those who are in need of it, is thankful that she did so. Boyd was asked about Biles in Ok Sports News. Boyd stated: "When we look at top athletes, top businesspeople, and everyone thinks that they're immune against problems because they've been successful." "It's just not the truth. You never know when you will face problems. "A lot high-performance athletes and businesspeople likely masked it or tried to hide it. However, now they're openly discussing it. That will help everyone. "It does help with top-performing athletes coming out and talking, it does." Boyd was a prolific Scottish striker of his generation. He scored over 200 goals at clubs like Rangers, Kilmarnock or Nottingham Forest. The 37 year-old scored seven goals in 18 international games for his country. Boyd, however, has spent much time with his charity since he ended his career in 2019. The Kris Boyd Charitable Trust was largely inspired in part by Boyd’s younger sister, Scott, who committed suicide in 2016, and his wife’s anxiety battles. Boyd believes that the help is now available for people who are affected by mental health problems, thanks to charities such as his and the efforts of global stars like Biles. He said that he believed it was easier to do so because of the increased awareness and involvement from organizations. "Everybody's doing their best and that's what is important. "We need to keep going. It's not easy, but it's worth the effort. Boyd encouraged others who needed support to reach out, saying: “You don't realize that you might help someone." "All it takes to read a few books, understand what people are going though, and maybe they will open up to your eyes. You'll then have the right tools and knowledge to help those who might be in difficulty."

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